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Partnering Together:
To Share Knowledge

Connecting With the Transplant Community

At Sanofi, we understand the need for expanded access to information and resources for patients and providers. We strive to raise awareness of the most pressing issues in transplantation and amplify the conversation for the broader community. In this spirit, we are excited to present educational resources that discuss challenges in kidney transplantation and opportunities to improve patients’ lives.

Have you encountered disparities in kidney transplantation?

Learn more about disparities in kidney transplantation faced by underrepresented minorities

Could your patients benefit from firsthand experience of the transplant process?

Get to know the kidney transplant donors and recipients who hope to educate and motivate others by sharing their journeys through transplantation

Are you unsure how the updates to the Kidney Allocation System will impact your center?

Dr John Friedewald joins Dr Jayme Locke and Dr Jesse Schold at ATC 2021 for an engaging discussion of the changing map of kidney allocation in the US

Do you want to know more about COVID-19 vaccination outcomes in transplant patients?

Dr Dorry Segev moderates a lively Q&A session at ATC 2021 on COVID-19 vaccination in transplant patients

Transplant Education

Partnering Together: To Support Transplant Education

Empowering Patients

Partnering Together: To Empower Patients and Providers

Transplant Innovation

Partnering Together: To Drive Transplant Innovation

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